Cooking Terms

Al Dente – Pasta cooked tender, but with a slight bite in the center.

Baste – To spoon or pour liquid over food while cooking or grilling to keep it moist.

Blanch – Boil food for a few minutes, then plunge it into ice water to preserve its color and crisp texture.

Braise – To cook food, covered, slowly in liquid (to typically add flavor).

Caramelize – When the sugar in food is heated to temperatures of 300°F or higher then turns brown.

Chop – To cut food into odd-shaped squares, usually ¼ to ½ – in size.

Confit – Meat (often duck) that’s cooked and stored in its own fat.

Deglaze – Adding stock, wine or another liquid to a pan to loosen food particles that are stuck at the bottom.

Demi-glace – A rich brown sauce used as a base for many sauces.

Dice – To cut food into odd-shaped squares that are a little smaller than chopped pieces.

GBD – Golden brown and delicious.

Julienne – Cut food into thin, match-like strips.

Macerate – To let food (typically fruit) sit in a liquid to absorb flavor.

Marinate – To let food sit in a seasoned liquid to tenderize or add flavor.

Mince – To cut food into very fine pieces, smaller than chopped or diced but not pureed.

Mirepoix – A combination of chopped carrots, celery and onions often used to add flavor to soups, stocks and other dishes.

Mise en place – A term describing organized kitchen ingredients.

Poach – To cook foods, usually eggs or fish, in liquid at near boiling temperatures.

Purée – Blending food in a blender or food processor until it turns into liquid form.

Rest – To let meat sit before serving.

Roux — cooked mixture of flour and butter or oil that’s used to thicken sauces and gravies.

Sauté – To fry food briefly over high heat,

Score – Using a knife to cut shallow slits in the surface of foods, usually meat or fish.

Sear – To brown meat quickly over high heat.

Shock – To stop the cooking process after food has been blanched.

Simmer – To cook food slowly in hot liquid that is nearly boiling.

Stock – Flavored liquids made from a combination of bones, seasonings, vegetables and liquids.

Trinity – A Louisiana Cajun/Creole vegetable combination of equal parts onion, green pepper and celery.

Zest – Outside colored part of a citrus fruit peel.

SNP Podcast Music List


Celery: VEGETABLES; Beach Boys

Bacon Part II: BRINGING HOME THE BACON; Procol Harum

Grits: THE WAY; Jill Scott

Butter: BUTTER; A Tribe Called Quest

Bacon Part I: ALL YOU CAN EAT; The Fat Boys

Wings for Super Bowl: 

  • CHAN’S SONG; Rendezvous; Jacky Terrasson and Cassandra Wilson
  • COME ON IN MY KITCHEN; Blue Light Until Dawn; Cassandra Wilson
  • HURRICANE SEASON; Backatown; Trombone Shorty
  • CITY, COUNTRY, CITY; The World Is A Ghetto; War
  • MAGIC; Ultimate; Grover Washington

Herbs 101:

  • CHAN’S SONG; Rendezvous; Jacky Terrasson and Cassandra Wilson
  • SCARBOROUGH FAIR; Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme; Simon and Garfunkel
  • MY FAVORITE THINGS; My Favorite Things; John Coltrane
  • TUPELO HONEY; Dreaming Wide Awake; Liz Wright
  • RUFIN DI KINDER AHEYM; Klezmer Music: Marriage of Heaven and Earth; Brave Old World

Spices 101:

  • CHAN’S SONG; Rendezvous; Jacky Terrasson and Cassandra Wilson
  • FOR JULIA; Music of the Tea Lands, Putamayo; Sanjay Mishira
  • GURAMAYLE; Music from the Coffee Lands, Putamayo; Gigi (Ethiopia)
  • CHIESA DI LA CUELLA; The Sax and The Sea; Mulo Francel
  • HOMBRE PEQUENITO; Music from Wine Lands, Putumayo; Marianna Maltalvo

Eggs for Easter and Passover:

  • CHAN’S SONG; Rendezvous, Jacky Terrasson & Cassandra Wilson
  • ALWAYS THERE; Pressure Sensitive, Ronnie Laws
  • ROMANIAN FANTASY; Jews with Horns, The Klezmatics
  • EASTER PARADE; soundtrack MGM, Judy Garland and Fred Astire
  • A TISKET, A TASKET; Nuova Canaria Records; Ella Fitzgerald
  • TALMUD LA HORA; Talmud Timba; Roberto Rodriguez

Food Flicks for the Oscars:

  • CHAN’S SONG; Jacky Terrasson and Cassandra Wilson; Rendezvous
  • PERHAPS PERHAPS; Lila Downs; Tortilla Soup soundtrack
  • SOUL SAUCE (GUADO GUARO); Carl Tjader; Colors of Latin Jazz; VERVE American Songbook 5 CD collection
  • FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD; Oliver orginial soundtrack; RCA Records
  • RAGS TO RICHES; Tony Bennett; Goodfellas Original soundtrack; Atlantic Records
  • GETZ/GILBERTO; Stan Getz and João Gilberto; Verve Records
  • COFFEE POT; JJ Johnson; The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson; All Music
  • BELLA NOTTE; Lady and the Tramp; Disney music
  • MOON RIVER; Breakfast at Tiffany’s Original soundtrack

Timothea Howard

S n p logoTimothea Howard is a broadcast veteran who has entertained, educated and helped raise the social consciousness of radio listeners in the nation’s capital for more than two decades. Timothea is a member of WPFW’s Sophie’s Parlor Feminist Radio Collective, one of the oldest women’s radio collectives in the U.S. She developed a girl’s radio project that aired during WPFW’s International Women’s Day programming in 2007. She also hosted Another Perspective, a radio program co-produced by the Institute for Policy Studies and WPFW Pacifica Radio in D.C.

Timothea served as the National Outreach Coordinator for RACE — The Power of an Illusion, a three-part documentary series produced by California Newsreel for public television.

She has an extensive arts background as well. After graduating from the Corcoran School of Art, Timothea was a painter then worked in the theater full time as a stage manager, stage hand, properties manager, producer and director for 11 seasons with several organizations that included the Gala Hispanic Theater, the Kennedy Center Opera House and Programs for Children and Youth and the National Theater.

Timothea is also a foodie who loves experimenting with different dishes in the kitchen.

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