Timothea Howard

S n p logoTimothea Howard is a broadcast veteran who has entertained, educated and helped raise the social consciousness of radio listeners in the nation’s capital for more than two decades. Timothea is a member of WPFW’s Sophie’s Parlor Feminist Radio Collective, one of the oldest women’s radio collectives in the U.S. She developed a girl’s radio project that aired during WPFW’s International Women’s Day programming in 2007. She also hosted Another Perspective, a radio program co-produced by the Institute for Policy Studies and WPFW Pacifica Radio in D.C.

Timothea served as the National Outreach Coordinator for RACE — The Power of an Illusion, a three-part documentary series produced by California Newsreel for public television.

She has an extensive arts background as well. After graduating from the Corcoran School of Art, Timothea was a painter then worked in the theater full time as a stage manager, stage hand, properties manager, producer and director for 11 seasons with several organizations that included the Gala Hispanic Theater, the Kennedy Center Opera House and Programs for Children and Youth and the National Theater.

Timothea is also a foodie who loves experimenting with different dishes in the kitchen.

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