Why is Salt & Pepper Appetizing for Sponsors?

Universal appeal: Salt & Pepper have mass appeal because Home Chef Brian Reeve and Chef “Tee” Terrell Danley have so much to offer.

  • 18-to-49 year old demographic—The hosts will appeal to this advertising target market because of their personalities.  Brian’s fun, boyish charm compliments Chef Tee’s gregarious, loving nature.
  • Women—Men cooking in the kitchen—many women will love to see that.  Female viewers will learn a lot while watching Chef Tee and Brian cook for them.
  • Men—Brian and Chef Tee will show their fellow men how to whip up tasty, attractive dishes and have fun in the process.
  • Diverse cooking styles—The hosts’ different cooking styles will attract a mixed audience.  Brian’s recipes will resonate with the millions of home cooks who often struggle to come up with quick, creative dishes for their families.  Chef Tee’s gourmet style will wow viewers while encouraging many to elevate their culinary skills.
  • Entertaining Ideas—The hosts will give viewers great culinary ideas for entertaining at home.

Chemistry:  Brian and Chef Tee are pals whose mutual respect and shared passion for cooking make them a great onscreen duo.

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