Home Chef Brian Reeve

Brian Reeve is a self-taught cook who is a money and time saver in the kitchen because he has to be.

After a full day of work as a Project Support Officer in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Brian has about an hour to make a quick, healthy, inexpensive and kid-friendly meal for his wife and three children.  He loves to do it because great cooks run in his family.

The home chef grew up on a farm in Denison, Iowa, a town of roughly 7000 people, where nearly everybody knows your name.  Brian, a high school wrestling star, spent a lot of time in the kitchen learning from his mom, while she prepared amazing meals for her family.  Brian’s dad, a hog farmer, who later took a job in the meat packing industry, did his share of cooking for the family too.  Brian spent a lot of time at his dad’s knee, watching him grill.  That’s why Brian loves to grill today.  So much so, that he often cooks outdoors regardless of the weather.  “Rain, snow—doesn’t bother me,” Brian laughs.

Although, Brian loved bonding with his parents over food, his true passion for the culinary arts didn’t surface for years.  Learning new techniques from television cooking shows, he developed the confidence to cook like the pros.  Now, Brian shares his skills with the public.  He’s cooked on Fox 5, WUSA 9 and been featured on WHUR.

Ironically, Brian met his wife Stephanie years ago while she was working in the Marriott Hotels’ culinary department.  She often worked the front end as a waitress or server but was never interested in getting behind a stove.

“Cooking is a lot of work,” she says.  “You have to really love it, and I don’t.”  But she does love Brian’s food and is the envy of all her friends whose husbands cannot cook.

Whether it’s French, Italian, Chinese, or Japanese—doesn’t matter because Brian loves to experiment in the kitchen.  When his kids give him a hard time about eating something new, Brian urges them to keep an open mind.   “The rule in our house is you have to try everything once,” he says.

Brian and Stephanie live in Derwood, Maryland with their son, Dylan and daughters, Chloe and Addison.