Here’s what folks are saying about Salt & Pepper

Pix without WF logo cropped“I think they are great! Their energy, enthusiasm and creative talents; to just whip things together last minute, that taste great and pretty easy for our customers to enjoy & replicate at home! They add life to our store and encourage our customers to try new ways to enjoy food! Look forward to having you all again.” — Pamela Passaretta, Whole Foods Market® Georgetown Demo Specialist

“…Diet is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, so Salt & Pepper’s live demonstration of how to prepare healthy meals and snacks fit perfectly into the theme of the Expo! Their explanations of how to adapt recipes to accommodate low-fat, low-sugar, and other special diets were also very helpful.

It’s clear that Chefs Tee and Brian are much more than Salt and Pepper. Their entertaining personalities, senses of humor, and complementary styles add a lot of spice to their cooking! And their interactive demonstrations really engage the audience. They make healthy cooking fun to watch—and eat!…” — Mary Ann S. Van Duyn, Ph.D., M.P.H. and Lucile L. Adams-Campbell, Ph.D, Co-chairs, Community Health Expo Planning Committee

“…Chef Tee and Brian are so warm and personable while preparing and presenting the various dishes. They engaged the entire crowd, and I have had multiple comments from everyone about how they were not only entertained but also were totally thrilled to have the opportunity to participate and learn along the way.  The entire evening was a huge success, and we can’t imagine a more memorable way to celebrate Kerry’s birthday.  We all will remember it for a lifetime.” — Jackie DeGroot

“Brian & Chef Tee are wonderful to work with…Knowledgeable, engaging, entertaining & maintenance free.  I enjoyed working with the team & our customers enjoyed the education & show.  See you in Bethesda soon!” — Joana Bragg, Whole Foods Market® Bethesda Marketing Team Leader

“…Chef Tee and Brian seemed right at home in my store.  They were gracious and very concerned with using what we had in our pantry instead of just grabbing duplicate items from the shelf. I’m extremely impressed with their iron chef-like skills and am looking forward to seeing the duo again sometime soon!  The recipes were all fabulous…”  — Candace Child, Whole Foods Market® Kentlands Marketing Team Leader

“Chef Tee and Brian are excellent cooks.  They are truly fantastic!” — Curlie Burns

“…I found the two of them super approachable…They could cook and talk to their audience all while remaining cool as a couple of cucumbers!  I also appreciate the way they complement each other in that one is classically trained and can spin “homemade” dishes in a way you’d normally see in a restaurant.  Very cool!” — Emily Breen, Whole Foods Market® Artist

“The team has great energy and personality.” — Christian Hunker, Koch’s Turkey Sales

“Working with Salt & Pepper Chefs in our store at Whole Foods Market Tysons has been a no-brainer.  They’re local chefs who always emphasize what’s fresh and seasonal, which we love.  I am so impressed at how hard they work to plan and execute their ideas professionally.  They make it look easy to whip up their creations while chatting and having fun with our customers.  All the while creating a great connection between our customers and our food.” — Claire Montaut, Whole Foods Market® Tysons Marketing Team Leader

“…The tips were so valuable…it would be worth attending a class or buying a book with just the tips!!!  The food was delicious..overall great fun!!  Cannot wait until the next class.  My daughter and I both learned a lot.” — Jackie Barnes-Newsome

“…They’re great!” — Nina Leonard, Williams-Sonoma Pentagon City Store Manager

“They’re doing a great job because they know what they are doing.  They are very professional.” — Alonza McNair, Whole Foods Market® Tysons Meat Cutter

“…The enthusiasm and excitement they have for cooking is inspiring.  I am looking forward to the next class and to spicing up my own cooking with Salt & Pepper.” — Paul Popernack