SnP Welcomes New Family Member

Moose 2015 - editHome Cook Brian Reeve and his family recently adopted a 10-month-old German Shepherd mix named Moose from a rescue organization.

The Reeves have been thinking about getting a dog for a while (actually, their daughter Chloe has been begging for one for years).  They decided to get Moose because of his special connection to the Kansas City Royals — the family’s favorite baseball team.

“I knew it was fate…when I came downstairs after talking over getting him (the dog) with the family, and the Royals were playing,” Brian said. “Then Moose (Royals third baseman Michael Moustakas who is nicknamed Moose by Royals fans) made the play from third to end the seventh (inning).”

Another sign that Moose the pooch belongs with the Reeves — Moustakas team number is 8, and Moose is the eighth member of the Reeve family that includes five people and two geckos (yes, geckos – it’s a long story :-))