Salt & Pepper is a unique, entertaining and informative web cooking show featuring an odd couple pairing—Home Cook Brian Reeve and Chef “Tee” Terrell Danley. Brian, who prepares meals every day for his wife and children, shares his culinary secrets as he shows you how to quickly and cost-effectively prepare a delicious home-cooked meal. His dish is tasty and basic—much like salt. Chef Tee then “peppers” traditional home-cooked dishes by elevating the flavor and presentation with his professional touch. You'll find great recipes, video demonstrations, culinary tips and much, much more!

Culinary Tip of the Month


These are the king of all onions because they have the delicate onion flavor but are strong in texture, so they hold up to most forms of cooking like sautéing, blanching and braising.  With their large green stem and white base, leeks look like green onions on steroids.  I suggest only eating the white base because the stem is tough.  It is essential that you rinse leeks thoroughly before cooking to remove the dirt trapped in between its overlapping layers.  One of my favorite ways to prepare leeks is to braise them in chicken stock, add a little heavy cream, season with Salt & Pepper and enjoy! — Chef “Tee” Terrell Danley