Salt & Pepper is a unique, entertaining and informative web cooking show featuring an odd couple pairing—Home Cook Brian Reeve (a Caucasian) and Chef “Tee” Terrell Danley (an African American). Brian, who prepares meals every day for his wife and children, shares his culinary secrets as he shows you how to quickly and cost-effectively prepare a delicious home-cooked meal. His dish is tasty and basic—much like salt. Chef Tee then “peppers” traditional home-cooked dishes by elevating the flavor and presentation with his professional touch. You'll find great recipes, video demonstrations, culinary tips and much, much more!

Culinary Tip of the Month

Buy whole chickens

Chicken image courtesy of Apolonia @ FreeDigitalPhotos.netThey are less expensive than chicken pieces, so take the extra time to cut up your chicken or roast it whole and save a few extra bucks. — Home Cook Brian Reeve

*Image courtesy of Apolonia at FreeDigitalPhotos.net